For those who may not know, Shopify is an e-commerce platform established in Ottawa in 2006.

The platform now hosts over 200,000 online stores and $12 billion worth of sales worldwide. There are many reasons behind Shopify’s success and popularity amongst the e-commerce community – today we’re going to give you a few reasons why moving your store to Shopify can help you market your product, boost sales, and run your online store with ease.

Let’s explore our three reasons to switch to Shopify in the new year:

  1. Gain analytical insights: Not only does Shopify integrate seamlessly with Google Analytics, but it also has a built-in sales and traffic dashboard that will help you figure out what’s working and what’s not. The cherry on top: create exportable product and traffic reports without a third party.
  1. New buying channels: Shopify also has integrations that help you target your consumers where they already are. Their original “Buy Button” allows shop owners to embed a buy button on any other website they might be using to promote the product. On top of this, they’ve recently announced “Buy Button” integrations with Facebook and Pinterest. Users of Facebook and Pinterest will now be able to click and buy products from your store that appear in their feeds securely and easily, without leaving the social media site.
  1. Easy marketing & management: Shopify makes it easy to optimize your site for search engines with customizable titles, descriptions, and review features. Marketing is a breeze with gift card, discount, and coupon options as well as a MailChimp integration, making it easy to collect emails. Shopify has also made order fulfillments, shipping, and inventory tracking simpler than ever as it integrates with a variety of dropshipping apps and fulfillment centers. Another cost-effective benefit of Shopify loved by business owners is that Shopify sites are hosted on Shopify’s servers. This means you don’t have to pay extra for third-party hosting or spend time deciphering which hosting company is right for your business. Finally, the company has 24/7 in-house support for everything from navigating the platform to design and technical issues.

In sum: should you switch to Shopify, you’ll have more sales channels and spend less time on logistics. You can feel secure knowing your platform is designed specifically for e-commerce and has a convenient support system. Shopify even has a portable POS system, so you can combine your online and offline sales in one place. With all of the solutions to time-consuming problems presented by Shopify, you’ll be able to spend more time on bettering and marketing your product.