Do you need SEO? Quality SEO Services? Outsourced SEO Services? While I have been getting these e-mails in mass over the past year or two, these past couple of months in particular have been insane. The amount of SEO spam-type e-mails I have been receiving is starting to drive me crazy. I cannot imagine what people outside the industry must think.

Let’s imagine I received this many e-mails focusing on another thing, for example ice cream. You can bet that even if good ol’ Ben and Jerry  came knocking on my door, I had been harassed with the phrase “ice cream” so much that I would slam the door right in their face. In other words, the firms that are sending these spam e-mails are giving a bad name to the reputable SEO firms out there, and turning potential clients off.

Let’s dive into some of the interesting e-mails I’ve received over the past couple of weeks from these “trusted” SEO firms, and my response to each one.

Dear Pinky,

Thank you for submitting a quote request! As much as I would love to outsource my well respected and trusted business to you, I just think that it’s a bad idea.



I have a feeling that our company would be in a lot of trouble if we weren’t on page 1 for terms related to our business. We probably wouldn’t still be operating. Thank you for your kind offer of one month free, though!



While I do love being AMAZED, I am not sure that this is the way to do so.



While your name does ring a bell (I’m sure you’ve e-mailed me before!) it really does worry me that you were surfing through my e-mail. That is extremely concerning. I did not realize that my e-mail had a great design. Thanks I guess!?!?


Dear Asish,

No, thanks.


Dear Shaila,

Greetings!! Unfortunately this will not be a long-lasting a fruitful association together.



There is probably a reason you haven’t heard back from me. Perhaps it’s because I’m not interested! Good to hear that your links are quality checked thrice. Very efficient!



Is it ironic that at the bottom of you e-mail you write “We are not spammers and are against spamming of any kind.” Ummm….So I know you then?



Unfortunately I do not concur with your assessment that brand value can be incurred by working with your firm. Thank you for your e-mail.



You are one of many to surf through my site and compliment my design, yet mention we are not ranking for certain terms. What would those terms be? No proposal will be required today my friend.


Neha (or Priyanka),

While your e-mail is very colourful I am simply not interested. Thank you.


Dear Sir/Madam,

Ah, you are still waiting for my reply. I wonder why?



Great timing! You have e-mailed me just in time to make the cut! But unfortunately no, I’m not interested.

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Brock Murray

Co-Founder/COO at seoplus+
Brock Murray the co-founder and COO at seoplus+. He has had great success in helping hundreds of local, national and international businesses to establish, maintain, and increase their online presence with the goal of brand awareness and multi-channel lead generation.