LinkedIn has recently acquired  For all of you who haven’t heard of, it is an online tool where users can explore thousands of tutorials ranging from a variety of topics such as business, photography, video, and more. offers great opportunity for people to build new skill sets and also hone current skills to match industry standards.

The marriage of LinkedIn and has created a great combination of online resources as the mission of both is very parallel. The goal of LinkedIn is to connect users with job opportunities and aims to connect user with the skills they need to obtain these jobs.  This will allow LinkedIn users to enhance their skill set using the in-depth courses offered by this teaching resource.

Something that has arisen from this merge is for the first time, is offering free access to its videos for all LinkedIn users. For users with a premium subscription to LinkedIn, they can enjoy the courses on for 30 days. The free subscriber can also view courses free of charge for 21 days. This encourages users to get their online profile set up on LinkedIn and also learn some new things along the way to assist in their job hunt.

So is this a good merge?  When you break it down, you can still search for jobs online and see the skills you need to obtain employment, and then have access to a resource that will teach you all the skills you need in a matter of hours.

You can set up your free lynda trial by heading to or get your LinkedIn profile set up on

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Lindsay Kavanagh

Lindsay Kavanagh

Lindsay Kavanagh is an SEO Specialist with seoplus+. Lindsay has a passion for helping businesses large and small optimize their online presence, improve search rankings, grow organic traffic, and drive conversions. Lindsay works with clients to achieve their campaign objectives while maintaining balance between a business’ branding, SEO, CRO, and UX. She is a certified Google AdWords and Analytics professional with specializations in search, display, mobile, video, and shopping. Lindsay has been published in Business 2 Community, SMB Retail, Stack Overflow, Job Advisors, and ucraft.