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Brock Murray

Brock Murray
Brock Murray the co-founder and COO at seoplus+. He has had great success in helping hundreds of local, national and international businesses to establish, maintain, and increase their online presence with the goal of brand awareness and multi-channel lead generation.

Recent articles by Brock

seoplus+ to provide Digital Marketing support for CanExport Program

seoplus+ partnering with Canadian organizations to provide SEO services, paid advertising management, and e-commerce consulting in conjunction with CanExport funding grant program for SMEs. If you’re a business, times are tough. Turbulent, even. But not having an adequate digital marketing strategy in place can make those seas all the choppier. The optimal approach is, unironically,  Continue Reading

5 E-Commerce Link Building Tactics & How They Work

Do you have an e-commerce store on a platform such as Shopify or Adobe Commerce (Magento)? Need a boost to stay ahead of your competitors? The links pointing to your site are one impactful way that Google gauges the quality, relevance, and authority of your site. So how do you get more of them for  Continue Reading

How to Carry Yourself in the Face of Crisis

As each one of us continues to adapt to the new reality of life, the dominance of COVID-19 has brought a myriad of both challenges and opportunities. As a founder of a successful digital marketing agency that’s been in business for almost a decade, with years of prior professional marketing experience in uber competitive industries  Continue Reading

Connect with seoplus+

Ready to learn more about digital marketing in 2017? Join us for a morning of breakfast, networking, a live speaker from Google, 60-minute digital marketing workshops and more! [REGISTER NOW] Get out from the office and learn straight from the source about the latest trends in digital marketing. Now is your chance to participate in an exclusive  Continue Reading

Investigating February’s Organic Rankings Volatility

If you monitor your search engine rankings like a hawk, you may have noticed that there’s been a lot of movement in organic rankings in the last few days. The volatility has got news wires in the SEO community heating up today, with SEMRush and SERoundTable spreading the word about another possible Google algorithm update.  Continue Reading

Mobile Web Browsing Overtakes Desktop Usage for the First Time Ever

Global stats provider StatCounter has released a study which announced that mobile and tablet internet usage has exceeded desktop for the first time worldwide. Mobile use has been trending upward since the advent of the smartphone and the widespread use of tablet devices, but it took until October 2016 for global mobile and tablet internet  Continue Reading

Google Data Studio Now Available in Canada

The wait is over. Google announced today that Google Data Studio (beta) is now available in Canada. This is part of Google’s rollout of their integrated data and marketing analytics product, Analytics 360 Suite. Google Data Studio gives you the tools you need to turn your analytics into beautiful, easy-to-read reports through their data visualization technology. Data Studio reports  Continue Reading

Remarketing Tips from a Paid Ads Expert

What is re-targeting / re-marketing? You know how you’re shopping on [some big site – Canadian Tire, Walmart etc.], you leave the site, and suddenly there are ads following you around the internet asking you to come back and buy that shirt. That’s remarketing. Remarketing is a great way of re-engaging visitors who have visited  Continue Reading

Political SEO and the Power of a Redirect

If you’re like me, you’ve probably come across a meme of Donald Trump bragging about having bought and setting the site to redirect to his own campaign page. The meme is partially truthful – does indeed redirect to However upon further research this humorous coup is slightly too good to be true.  Continue Reading

5 Simple Optimizations for Your Website

There are so many things you can work on when it comes to your online presence: your website structure, content, graphics, social media, off-site (links, citations), paid social & search. The list goes on and on. It can be overwhelming to anyone – particularly non-technical folks. See below for five things you can do to  Continue Reading

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