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Alex Belanger

Alex Belanger
Alex Belanger is the Digital PR Coordinator at seoplus+. He's been working in public relations since 2016 and has worked on multiple non-profit fundraisers and private sector marketing campaigns. His expertise lies in media and influencer relations, brand management, and writing. Alex has a passion for finding unique ways of connecting his clients to their target audience using new PR strategies and implementing these strategies for link-building purposes.

Recent articles by Alex

5 Ways to Get Your Brand Mentioned in A-Class Publications

Remember how exciting it was to be featured in your hometown paper if you raised a lot of money at a bake sale or won your high school’s basketball championship? In 2020, this looks a bit different – with key strategies, your business can be mentioned in Forbes, Cosmopolitan, CMSWire and many other news publications  Continue Reading

The Evolution of Link Building

Link building has been a critical part of search engine optimization since day one. A quality backlink profile for a website is one of the biggest factors involved with a website’s rankings on a search engine. Think of backlinks like one website recommending another. The more recommended something is, the better it must be, right?  Continue Reading

Why You Should be Guest Blogging

Let’s start off with the basics: What is a guest blog and why should you care? Simply put, it’s an article that an individual writes on a website they have no affiliation with. As a result, they don’t receive payment for the content like a freelance writer normally would. The reason people choose to participate  Continue Reading

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