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Amanda Murray

Amanda Murray
Amanda Murray is a Content Marketing Specialist with seoplus+. She has more than a decade of experience in writing in a variety of fields, including academia, business content, technical writing, and creative writing. Amanda helps business increase visibility, improve their online presence, and better express brand visions through the power of the written word.

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Domain Name Q&A

When building a new website, the selection of your domain is very important. It’s the main way visitors will try to navigate to your site, and it plays a role in your search engine rankings. Choosing a domain name is relatively straightforward…or is it? We had the chance to chat with SEO Specialist Lindsay Kavanagh  Continue Reading

Google Strikes a Blow Against Annoying Mobile Popups

  Google is continually updating its mobile algorithms to better guide searchers toward the best answers to their questions. Yesterday, they announced on the Webmaster Central blog two important changes. First things first, since 85% of mobile search results meet or exceed the criteria for mobile-friendliness, Google has decided to remove the “mobile-friendly” label from  Continue Reading

DIY Websites for Small Businesses: Are They Worth it?

When you first start your business, there is a laundry list of things to do…and most of these cost money. A lot of money, in some cases. Register your business name with the local government = money. Business cards = money. More minutes on your phone = money. Heck,  a new tie, a decent desk  Continue Reading

Everything You Need to Know About Google’s Title/Meta Extension

In the last few weeks, SEOs and publications have explored the recent change in Google’s maximum title and meta description length. Previously, title tags were limited to 50-60 characters, but they can now be as long as 70-71 characters. Meta descriptions have also been lengthened and you can now add an additional 100 characters. This  Continue Reading

Why Your Small Business Should Like Facebook Reactions

If you haven’t been living under a rock, you noticed the rollout of Facebook Reactions to all users earlier this week following a beta testing period. Reactions allow Facebook users to respond to posts with a range of feelings: like, love, haha, wow, sad, and angry (yay and confused were included in original testing, but  Continue Reading

12 Days of Digital Marketing: Moving Beyond Keywords

  Back in the day (OK, maybe 2012 wasn’t that long ago), SEO was all about keywords. Think of a keyword like a shortcut that sums up the content of your page. It can be a short-tail keyword (fitness), or a long-tail keyword (book personal training lesson online). If you didn’t have your exact keyword repeated in  Continue Reading

12 Days of Digital Marketing: Use Grammarly

Hey, we all have an Achilles heel when it comes to grammar. Is it receive or recieve? Should have or should of? Your or you’re? Affect or effect? Even grammar gurus can get tripped up from time to time, especially when writing a high volume of content. Word Processors If you’re writing documents in Microsoft Word  Continue Reading

12 Days of Digital Marketing: Are You Targeting a Niche Audience?

Visit BuzzFeed’s main page, and it’s a sure bet that you’ll spot at least one – or thirty – articles or quizzes aimed at a niche audience. With titles like “44 Things You Can Learn from Gilmore Girls Season 4” and “37 Signs You’re from Gatineau,” Buzzfeed writers know how to zero in on a  Continue Reading

Ask the Expert: How Can SMBs Increase Their Social Media Impact?

If you ask the owners of small and medium-sized businesses about their biggest marketing goals for 2016, having a bigger social media impact ranks very high on the list. When you’re a busy small business owner, you know that creating original content and beautiful images is one hurdle; getting it seen by a receptive audience  Continue Reading

Get Smart: Google Introduces Smart Reply for Gmail

If you’re like me, your inbox is a constant flood of new messages between the hours of all day long. If you manage both a work and a personal account, this holds doubly true. Trying to type out a long professional reply to an important business email during your commute home is easier said than done.  Continue Reading