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Corey Reed

Corey Reed
Corey Reed is a Content Marketing Specialist at seoplus+. With his passion for meticulously researching, analyzing, drafting and editing content, he works closely with clients to ensure their vision is preserved and their voice is heard loud and clear. Utilizing keyword research and enhancing reach by delivering a personal, relatable angle, Corey combines creativity and storytelling built around core messaging to maximize the potential of our clients’ online presence.

Recent articles by Corey

Sell Like You Mean it: Amazon Sponsored Ads and PPC Potentialities

The digital advertising revolution is well underway, but are you keeping up? Having an engaging, approachable, and trustworthy online presence is a crucial component of any modern marketing strategy. The more you get to know your prospects and their preferences, the brighter your company’s future will be. If you don’t keep pace, there are a  Continue Reading

Zeroing in: An Argument for Success in Simplicity

Everyone wants something fresh, exciting and new for the sake of new. Oh, and they also want it all the time. However, what if you operate a business that offers a cleaner-cut experience and purposefully doesn’t expand a suite of services, all to keep that established customer base happy while raking in more relevant leads?  Continue Reading

Struggling to Get More Leads? Write Great Content!

Content creation is more than “just writing” or plopping in as many meme-worthy Shutterstock images as possible – it’s a daring dance that involves being creative, engaging, and targeting the right audience. Not everyone gets that, including most competitors, so take advantage of that lapse in judgement and make your brand stand out as something  Continue Reading

Feedback Frenzy: 4 Key Ways to Encourage More Online Reviews

In today’s digitally tethered society, businesses depend on accumulating client reviews online as a means of demonstrating that they can be trusted, inevitably driving traffic and sales. However, encouraging clients to write reviews in the first place can be a frustrating process. That being said, there are several ways you can encourage a higher review  Continue Reading

4 Great Gmail Features to Improve Client Relations with Your Agency or Business

Gmail is the gold standard for everyday business operations. Its many unique features and user experience can make it easier than ever to deliver exceptional-quality service to clients. Still, there are some of us out there who haven’t made the switch from those old Hotmail addresses (remember those?) and aren’t aware of the benefits Gmail  Continue Reading

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