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Lindsay Kavanagh

Lindsay Kavanagh
Lindsay Kavanagh is an SEO Specialist with seoplus+. Lindsay has a passion for helping businesses large and small optimize their online presence, improve search rankings, grow organic traffic, and drive conversions. Lindsay works with clients to achieve their campaign objectives while maintaining balance between a business’ branding, SEO, CRO, and UX. She is a certified Google AdWords and Analytics professional with specializations in search, display, mobile, video, and shopping. Lindsay has been published in Business 2 Community, SMB Retail, Stack Overflow, Job Advisors, and ucraft.

Recent articles by Lindsay

Gearing Up Your Online Presence as a Seasonal Business

Just when we thought spring was in the air, Mother Nature sent more snow our way. Take this time to snuggle up at your desk and plan ahead for the busy spring and summer months ahead. When it comes to online marketing, planning ahead is imperative to ensuring you run a successful and effective campaign  Continue Reading

Using Google Analytics & Search Console to Improve Local SEO

For local businesses, SEO requires a different strategy than e-Commerce or national and multinational businesses. All efforts must be more localized, optimizing ranking factors like Google My Business, citations and name, address, phone (NAP) listings, customer reviews, and more. Below are a few simple factors to monitor and analyze to help boost your local SEO  Continue Reading

What To Do When Your Rankings Take A Dip

SEO can be tricky – anything can happen at any time, and you have to be on your toes to ensure you get quality results. Sometimes your efforts sky-rocket rankings, but other times they could start to fail. If you are following all best practices, why are your client’s rankings taking a dip? This post  Continue Reading

How I Ranked #2 on Google in Less Than 24 Hours

Reflecting on the ups and downs of SEO in 2016, I find myself in awe of all the shake-ups, testing, and changes Google made to the algorithm.  With the ups and downs of Penguin, Panda, Possum and mobile-first indexing on top of quality updates, SEOs found themselves spinning in circles to try and keep up.  Continue Reading

Google Penguin 4.0 Is Rolling Out! Now Part of the Core Algorithm

For all SEOs, this moment has been a long time coming.  Google first launched the Penguin update in 2012 in order to penalize websites that appear to spam the search results.  Google has always prided itself in providing accurate and valuable search results to users and has developed updates like Panda and Penguin to ensure that  Continue Reading

Friendly Reminder: Google Now Penalizing Widget Links

If you’re an SEO that stays on top of the news and update, you would have heard this back in 2015.  Today on the Google Webmaster Blog, Google made a reminder about their policies on widget links. If you are unfamiliar with a widget, it is a small application that runs on your site.  The example  Continue Reading

12 Days of Digital Marketing: Your Guide to Shopify Apps

Looking to take your Shopify store to the next level? You have the products, the branding, and the website visitors – now you need to convert visitors to customers. Here are some apps you can install in your store today to get your visitors to complete their checkout. Receiptful The probability of selling to an existing  Continue Reading

6 Simple Steps for SEO Success – An seoplus+ Infographic

[sociallocker id=”1982″]Download PDF [/sociallocker]         Find Your Keywords Before you think about anything else, you need to know what terms people are searching in Google when they’re looking for your services. These terms are known as keywords, and they are your bread and butter. If you’re a baker in Montreal, your keywords  Continue Reading

Hi, 2001 called and they want their website back

When you are trying to build a new website it’s difficult to know what trends are in style and what design elements you need to make your online presence something people will remember. Well fear no more, below is a quick list of those styles and items that aren’t “in” anymore. Too Much Design Thought  Continue Reading