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Infographic – Raise Marketing ROI by Using Behaviour Analysis

How much do you know about your customer journey? Many companies invest in various marketing forms because a blog or website told them to, but they aren’t sure exactly how much of an effect it has on their business. Through behavioral analysis, even small businesses with limited budgets can know exactly where their marketing dollars  Continue Reading

Infographic: The Current Content Ecosystem

Content marketing is a big topic for businesses in every industry, but not all companies know how to properly use this type of campaign. There are many distinct challenges you’ll find in the content marketing sphere, from high levels of consumer disengagement to an overall air of skepticism about anything that’s published on the internet.  Continue Reading

Infographic: Why Style Guides Are Important to Your Brand

Have you defined your small business’s brand? Of course, you know what you sell and who your customers are, but how far beyond that have you gone? A cohesive brand is important both in and out of the office; successful advertising and marketing depend on your brand identity. A great place to start is a  Continue Reading

Infographic: Exploring the Different Types of Multimedia Content

Is your content stuck in a rut? Maybe it’s time you tried presenting information in new ways. A multimedia approach brings video and infographics into your content mix, along with your usual text posts and static images. This variety of approaches helps you appeal to new audiences, deliver concepts to customers with different learning styles, and  Continue Reading

Infographic: How to Write Effective Headlines and Titles

Attracting readers to your website starts with creating effective headlines. Even a compelling article won’t get many clicks unless you can write a headline that gets attention on social media platforms. Considering how much competition you get from other bloggers — millions of blogs get updated every day — you can’t ignore this important step. Following a  Continue Reading

Write for Us – Contribution Guidelines

seoplus+ welcomes blog post submissions from experts in digital marketing, SEO, social media, content marketing, web design, and online PR that would like to share their insights with our community of readers. Our target audience includes business owners (SMBs) and in-house directors in charge of marketing, advertising, communications, web design, etc. We are interested in  Continue Reading

12 Days of Digital Marketing: It’s The Most Instagram-able Time Of The Year

On the 12th day of Christmas, Instagram gave to me a reason to get excited for 2016! The past year has been incredibly exciting at Instagram as they continue to grow and develop. We’ll break down three gifts that Instagram gave to us this year:   Get Emojional – Emoji Hashtags   Instagram announced in Spring  Continue Reading

12 Days Of Digital Marketing: Social IS Mobile

  With mobile internet usage about to eclipse desktop browsing, we are about to enter the age of mobility. Yes, optimizing your website is extremely important, and yes, having a mobile-friendly app will take you far, but not far enough. As consumers are engaging more and more in the mobile sphere, it’s your job to  Continue Reading

12 Days of Digital Marketing: Pinterest: Small, Yet Mighty

While it may not have the usership numbers of Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram, this purchasing powerhouse is not to be underestimated, especially when it comes to holiday marketing. Pinterest users are passionate, well-informed, and active consumers who use the platform as an organizational tool for their shopping needs. 93% of pinners are using Pinterest to  Continue Reading

Fix It, But Don’t Forget It: Paris As A Case Study For Reactionary Social Media

Before delving into the social media management takeaways from this week’s events, I want to preface that this reflection is in no way meant to detract from the gravity of what occurred in Paris, nor minimize the loss of life that was mourned on the global stage. Social media is a powerful and ever-changing tool,  Continue Reading

Welcome to the Team, Svetlana!

We are thrilled to officially introduce our newest Bookkeeper, Svetlana Chupina. Svetlana hails from Siberia and moved to Canada three years ago to provide better educational opportunities for her two children. Svetlana was an accountant for eighteen years and also worked in tax preparation. After moving to Ottawa, she studied Bookkeeping at Algonquin College and  Continue Reading

Welcome to the Team, Lindsay!

We are excited to welcome our newest web designer, Lindsay! Lindsay is currently a student in Algonquin College’s Interactive Multimedia Development program. Born and raised in Stittsville, Lindsay has a twin brother and enjoys playing piano and paintball in her spare time. She is an accomplished basketball player, playing forward for the Algonquin Thunder. Lindsay  Continue Reading

Welcome to the Team, Derek!

We are excited to officially introduce our newest Account Manager, Derek Cosgrove. Derek was born and raised in Kingston and studied Business at the University of Ottawa. Derek has always been interested in sales, and has nearly a decade of experience in the field. He is motivated by the positive impact that an effective sales  Continue Reading

3 Bad Web Design Trends We Can’t Seem to Let Go

If you push me I’ll do it, but here are my reasons why these web design trends are a bad idea: That Vile Autoplay Let’s start off with the big one. It’s going to be a hard truth for some of you, but it has to be said: the only person who wants your video  Continue Reading