We are proud to announce that Brock Murray is now the official owner of a Link Research Tools Associate Certificate. Although this may be your first time hearing of Link Research Tools, it is highly used and recommended for anyone that is interested in link building. Some of LRT’s more notable clients include MTV, Adobe, Yahoo, Swarvoski and intel. Continue reading below to find out what exactly Link Research Tools is, and what this means for seoplus+.

What is Link Research Tools?

Link Research Tools (LRT) is a system developed to help you gain high quality links without having to work extremely hard. Search engines have unpredictable algorithms which can make it difficult for your website to always appear on the first page. With constant changes in the algorithms you website could be penalized for something minor you may not even be aware of. Thankfully, Link Research Tools helps you build healthy high quality links and helps you get rid of harmful links through their link dextox program.

What Does This Mean for Our Clients?

Now that Brock is certified, it will allow us to service our clients with full access to all of the LRT programs including link builder, link detox, quick backlinks, domain compare and competitive landscape analyzer. With all of these programs now at his disposal he can ensure clients the most care and can help figure out why your website may be penalized.

Not only does LRT help erase some of the damage done to a website, but the tools can also help build your website further with more backlinks. Backlinks are extremely important in SEO and it is necessary that they are healthy. With the quick backlinks tool Brock can now visualize and analyze all backlinks from a website.

To get yet another leg up on the competition, the competitive landscape analyzer tool allows Brock to understand how to outrank industry competitors. This can play a key role in your online presence, especially if similar services are offered in a certain area.

Need a Link Audit?

If you feel you are being penalized by search engines, or want a to speak to a link expert contact us today.