The Video Advertising Advanced Certification is the newest exam offered by Google as part of their Google Partners program. This exam focuses on advanced Video Advertising topics, with a distinct focus on YouTube and Google Display Network concepts. While preparing for this exam, students will learn all about video advertising, measuring & optimizing ad performance, and creating video ad campaigns. Our Director of Web Marketing, Brock Murray has officially passed the exam to claim his Video Advertising Advanced Certification!

What Does This Mean for Our Clients?

This recent certification means that we are now able to connect our clients with their target audience while measuring their success. With more advances in digital media, it is important that we stay way ahead of the game, and ensure we offer only the best services. People come across videos throughout their everyday life activities whether it is through research, news, or social media.

Part of our job is ensuring that our clients’ video ads have visibility on YouTube and the Google Display Network. Video advertising allows us to create engaging material that is fast, easy and accountable. By using video advertisements we can actually track our audience, and see how they engage with the video; whether they choose to watch it, share it, pause it or skip it. This ultimately allows us to better our campaign, by either changing the ad, or re-targeting our audience to a more specific demographic.

Let us help get you started with video advertising.