Remarketing has been quickly gaining in popularity as many marketing agencies and businesses are realizing how much potential it has. Don’t let your business fall behind by using outdated marketing techniques & learn how your business can benefit from remarketing:

What is Remarketing

The concept of remarketing is simple and easy to follow. It allows businesses to reconnect with past website visitors to again promote their products and services. For example if Molly were to have once visited to check out shoes and handbags, she may come across a Target advertisement later on while visiting a different website. The ad may be promoting something specific such as shoes and handbags, or it may be more general, promoting the entire store.

How It Works

Remarketing works by adding a simple JavaScript tag onto every page of your website. To do this, add the tag on something that may appear on all of your webpages, such as a header, footer, or sidebar. From there, you create remarketing lists focused on what you would like to promote. For example, Target may choose to promote their upcoming holiday collection, so when someone visits the holiday collection page, Google AdWords would save their cookie id adding them to the holiday collection remarketing list you created.

From there you build a Google AdWords campaign that is targeted to those who are on your holiday collection list. For example, to promote the holiday collection perhaps your campaign would be something about a holiday wish list. Those on your holiday collection remarketing list would then see the ads across the Google display network.

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How Your Business Can Benefit

Believe it or not, your business can benefit from remarketing in many ways, as it helps increase overall website traffic, increase brand awareness, grow your customer base, and help you retain your current customers. Remarketing is able to do all of this as it reaches potential consumers when they’re looking to purchase a specific product or service. Whether or not they’ve found something on your website they’re interested in, they’ll soon be reminded of what you have to offer when they view your remarketing campaign on other websites.

Why It Works

The rule of thumb in advertising is that a consumer must view a single ad approximately seven times before they recognize the name, brand, product and message. This rule does not apply to remarketing as consumers have already shown interest in your product and service and are more than likely to recognize your name and brand. Therefore, they’re more likely to remember your brand, and purchase your products or services.

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