Facebook recently introduced some additional features for anyone using a Facebook for Business Page. This is a great way to drive your social following back to your website to increase conversions. We hope that other Social networks will follow-suit (think LinkedIn, Twitter & Google+)…

Are you wondering how to create a call-to-action button on your Facebook page?

Here’s a step-by-step guide:


Step 1: Navigate to your Facebook Page and select the ‘Create Call-to-Action’ button.


Step 2: Select your button preference — can be Book Now, Contact Us, Use App, Play Game, Shop Now, Sign Up, or Watch Video.


Step 3: Enter your landing page URL, and if you have a mobile website (ie m.yourdomain.com) enter that. If your website is responsive, you don’t need to fill out the mobile field.


Step 4: Choose a destination for users on iOS. This can be a mobile-friendly website or iOS app.


Step 5: Choose a destination for users on Android devices. This can be a mobile-friendly website or Android app.


Step 6: That’s it! Now you can view your results to see how many people have clicked your CTA over the past 7 days.


Great! You now have your very own CTA on your Facebook cover photo!

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Brock Murray

Brock Murray

Co-Founder/COO at seoplus+
Brock Murray is a digital marketing specialist at seoplus+. He has more than a decade of experience with web design, web programming and online marketing. He has had great success in helping hundreds of businesses establish an online presence with the goal of increasing both brand recognition and targeted website traffic.