As a soon-to-be graduate of the Algonquin Advertising and Marketing Communications Management program, I had the opportunity to complete a 6-week internship for my program. After a few weeks of stressful research and emailing digital marketing companies in Ottawa, I stumbled upon seoplus+.  Since I started studying advertising I knew digital marketing was what interested me the most, however, the program offered very few classes dedicated to this. I wanted to learn more, and I thought seoplus+ could be a great way to further my education in digital marketing.

I remember leaving the interview feeling excited and hopeful. I knew this was the best opportunity for me, and this was the internship I wanted. Luckily for me, I managed to get it!

Here I am now, on my final week feeling sad that it’s almost over. The transition from school life to work life was surprisingly easy. From the very first day, the seoplus+ team made me feel welcome and like I was truly part of the team. They are truly a great bunch of talented and dedicated workers, it’s easy to see why the company is growing the way it is.

In my 6 weeks, I’ve learned more about digital marketing than in my 3-year program. From managing multiple social accounts (for multiple clients), to Google AdWords, Analytics and design, I’ve had a chance to experience it all.

Since we only briefly touched upon digital marketing in college, my knowledge was limited. Krista was an excellent mentor to me. She walked me through all of the SEO and social tasks completed daily by the company, and made sure I was understanding and learning everything. Her remarkable patience has allowed me to absorb loads of valuable information about SEO, Google AdWords and Analytics which I know I’ll take with me in my career.

Overall, this has been a remarkable experience. I got to learn what a 9-5 job feels like, how to apply my college training to the real world, and how to work in a professional environment. I couldn’t be more thankful to Brock, Krista, and the rest of the seoplus+ team for allowing me to intern here and making me feel welcome. Thank you for taking time out of your crazy schedule to teach me, and set me up for a successful career in digital marketing. I know I won’t be forgetting this experience anytime soon.

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Alexa Rees

Alexa Rees is a digital marketing specialist for seoplus+. As a graduate of the Advertising and Marketing Communications Management program at Algonquin College, she is passionate about all aspects of digital marketing.

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