Brock Murray is now Video Advertising Certified

July 21, 2014 by seoplus+

The Video Advertising Advanced Certification is the newest exam offered by Google as part of their Google Partners program. This exam focuses on advanced Video Advertising topics, with a distinct focus on YouTube and Google Display Network concepts. While preparing for this exam, students will learn all about video advertising, measuring & optimizing ad performance, and creating  Continue Reading

Understanding Google My Business

June 25, 2014 by seoplus+

Many businesses know that their place on Google is extremely important, as users are unlikely to go to page three to find exactly what they’re looking for. Google My Business (formerly known as Google Places), allows users to enter search queries and turn up with instant results that they do not have to visit websites  Continue Reading

The Beginners Guide to Pay-Per-Click Advertising

June 17, 2014 by seoplus+

Marketing is essential to any business as it expands the consumer base and keeps businesses running day to day, without it staying afloat would be extremely difficult. Although there are many options for marketing, many companies and brands now look to digital marketing for guidance as traditional marketing mediums such as television, print and radio  Continue Reading

Twitter Introduces a New Mute Function

May 22, 2014 by seoplus+

Just last week Twitter introduced yet another change, a new mute function that will allow its users to hide unwanted tweets from people they follow. You may think that this function seems familiar, and it is. Facebook came out with the very similar hide news feed feature quite some time ago, and although this new  Continue Reading

Brock Murray is now a Link Research Tools Certified Associate

May 5, 2014 by seoplus+

We are proud to announce that Brock Murray is now the official owner of a Link Research Tools Associate Certificate. Although this may be your first time hearing of Link Research Tools, it is highly used and recommended for anyone that is interested in link building. Some of LRT’s more notable clients include MTV, Adobe,  Continue Reading

Featured Client: Laurier Optical | Innes Eye Clinic

May 5, 2014 by seoplus+

Laurier Optical, Innes Road takes pride in their company by providing you with the professional optical services you need. Specializing in progressive lenses, and offering designer eyewear that is chic, stylish, fun and practical they can help you find the perfect lenses and frames to suit your lifestyle. We’ve been working with Laurier Optical, Innes  Continue Reading

The New Look of Twitter

April 24, 2014 by seoplus+

The New Look of Twitter Twitter has recently rolled out its redesigned look, and it’s very similar to something we all know and love – Facebook. Although some people may love the new look, hate it, or love to hate it, the new look is much more user friendly. With more utilization of the page,  Continue Reading

How to Maintain Brand Consistency in a Shifting Online World

April 7, 2014 by Amanda Murray

By definition, trends come and go. They quickly rise on the scene and become omni-present instantly, then disappear just as fast. In social media and online marketing, it’s important to know what is a trend, and what is here to stay. Someone who dismissed Twitter in 2009 as a fleeting diversion missed out on years  Continue Reading

What is Inbound Marketing?

April 3, 2014 by seoplus+

The way we live our lives have drastically changed over the last decade or so, for example many people choose to read news online rather than purchasing the daily newspaper. Just as the newspaper is seemingly becoming less popular so have traditional marketing techniques. The way of traditional marketing is over, and inbound marketing is  Continue Reading

Social Selling: Brand First, Sales Second

March 13, 2014 by seoplus+

Many businesses utilize social media as promotional tool however, as you may have noticed, some of businesses are able to use it to their advantage, while others aren’t. One of the biggest mistake businesses can make with social media is overly pushing sales and forgetting to stay true to their brand. Businesses need to remember  Continue Reading

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