Just last week Twitter introduced yet another change, a new mute function that will allow its users to hide unwanted tweets from people they follow. You may think that this function seems familiar, and it is. Facebook came out with the very similar hide news feed feature quite some time ago, and although this new function seems like an amazing gift to help limit the number of annoying tweets you view, it does mean major changes for companies and brands.

What is it?

Just like the Facebook hide news feed feature, the Twitter mute feature will allow you to pick and choose the news you read from your followers. You are still able to follow whomever you wish however, if you don’t want to read their tweets you simply have to click on the ‘more’ option of any of their tweets and click mute. Essentially, this is a new nice way of unfollowing someone. Fortunately, when you mute someone they will not be notified, but if they wish to mention you in a tweet or send you a direct message, you will receive those notifications.

mute twitter


What About Brand Engagement?

Many companies take to Twitter to increase their brand engagement as it is an easy and simple solution for them to reach out and listen to their consumers. Unfortunately, with this new mute function many companies will most likely be muted by their followers. Although Twitter is making it very clear that it is not just for advertising and marketing, they’re not trying to hurt your brand engagement, but make their social media more relevant and popular.

What Do We Do?

Although this new function seems intimidating, it is not something that brands should fear, as it will encourage better content, engagement and consumer loyalty. Companies will no longer consider promoting annoying follow back, retweet contests or the same content day in and day out. It will force them to focus on interesting and engaging content, which will then provide them with an audience who wants to hear what they have to offer, rather than just high reach numbers.

To keep your company and brand relevant and popular on Twitter you should focus on trends, both local and global. If something big is trending such as Ellen’s Oscar selfie don’t be afraid to jump on the bandwagon, but make it relevant to your brand. In terms of local promoting be sure to pay attention as to what is happening in your neighbourhood or city of business. Keeping your followers interested, engaged and up to date is important.

Don’t let the Twitter mute function hold back you or your brand, just come up with great content that will have everyone engaged.