We are thrilled to officially introduce our newest Bookkeeper, Svetlana Chupina. Svetlana hails from Siberia and moved to Canada three years ago to provide better educational opportunities for her two children.

Svetlana was an accountant for eighteen years and also worked in tax preparation. After moving to Ottawa, she studied Bookkeeping at Algonquin College and began her new career in October 2012.

In her spare time, Svetlana loves to bake cakes. She enjoys making chocolate cake, coconut cake, and honey cake, but her current favourite is Tiramisu. Svetlana also enjoys traveling – Paris is her favourite city to visit.

We asked Svetlana about the difference between Canadian and Siberian winters. Siberian winters are definitely longer, colder, and snowier, but Canada’s freezing rain was quite surprising.

We are excited to have Svetlana as part of the seoplus+ team!

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