Big news coming out of Mountain View, California, where Google recently announced it would alter its popular AdWords program. These changes could have a profound impact on your PPC management, and online advertisers aren’t too happy about it.

Basically, Google is transitioning towards what it calls “Enhanced Campaigns,” whereby the advertiser provides specifics around the nature of their ad. Available options include choosing a preferred platform (mobile or PC), location, and time of day to target. Google, in turn, creates an ad that fits the specified criteria.

Enhanced Campaigns provide tailored benefits

Enhanced Campaigns provide some clear benefits for advertisers. First, an increased level of precision is an important development. It can help advertisers zero in on a captive audience most receptive to the product or service. Additionally, the specificity of enhanced campaigns will facilitate entrance to the mobile sphere, which only continues to grow in importance.

Though there are clear benefits to specificity as outlined above, critics complain that Enhanced Campaigns take the power and control out of the hands of the advertisers; after all, you can currently create a Google AdWords campaign easily without Google’s direct assistance. Furthermore, it may be more expensive. Google has seen steady reduction in their share of PPCs on PCs and are hoping that by moving advertisers to mobile, that share may increase.

Regardless of Google’s motivations, the benefits of tailoring a campaign so precisely to your target audience while simultaneously increasing the exposure of your product or service on mobile platforms is an enticing combination. Though it may carry an added cost, the potential positive impact upon customer acquisition might be worth the outlay.

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Brock Murray

Co-Founder/COO at seoplus+
Brock Murray the co-founder and COO at seoplus+. He has had great success in helping hundreds of local, national and international businesses to establish, maintain, and increase their online presence with the goal of brand awareness and multi-channel lead generation.